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ITO patterned glass
and film

Patterns on ITO coated substrates consist of coupons with ITO and ITO free areas. These components are used for test purposes in R&D projects and as devices in electronic equipment. 
They are usually produced by the selective removal of ITO from continuously coated ITO sheet by photolithographic or laser ablation methods.

We offer these processes for the production of components up to 300mm square and down to 5mm minimum dimension.


ITO patterned glass and film

  • Any size of coupons can be produced as required for use, to an accuracy of better than +/- 0.2mm

  • Sheet thicknesses 1.1mm, 0.7mm and 0.5mm for ITO glass and 0.175mm and 0.125mm for ITO coated polyester film can be processed

  • Any thickness of ITO coating, that is from 4 to 100 ohms/sq can be patterned

  • Both standard ITO and OLED grade can be patterned, as required 

The accuracy of line/block definition is dependent on the complexity of the pattern

  • Line width and spacing  glass substrates down to 10 microns is achievable. For flexible substrates +/- 0.3mm is achievable

We can supply quantities from a minimum of one off for development purposes. For production purposes, there is no maximum amount.

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