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ITO coated PEN film

ITO Coated PEN Film

Itotek Ltd is the leading provider of ito-coated glass solutions. Our state-of-the-art products are designed for industrial, commercial, and residential applications, offering superior performance and durability for years to come.


Our experienced team of technicians and engineers will ensure that your project is completed on time, on budget, and up to the highest standards.


ITO Coated PEN Film

PEN (Polyethylene Napthalate) film was developed for the electronics industry and has superior properties to PET film. In particular it has a 45deg C higher thermal capability than PET film and is rated UL7468 corresponding to F grade thermal performance. It also has better mechanical performance and lower gas permeability.

ITOTEK use a planarised grade of PEN film which has a high degree of surface smoothness. It has 82% light transmittance.

  • Available in A4 sheet size 

  • ITO coated on one side from 15 to 100 ohms/sq, giving from 70 to 80% transmittance at 550nm

  • PEN film thicknesses 50, 100 and 125 microns

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