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IOT Coated Glass & Film


First for Transparent Coatings

We are a UK based supplier of high quality, specialized optical coatings for a range of film and glass types, designed to enhance the performance and durability of electronic displays of all types.

Our Products

Our extensive range of coated and uncoated products for a range of applications including medical, military and scientific and research and development purposes

Our Products

ITO coated

Itotek offers standard ITO coated glass and custom coated options

ITO coated PET and PEN film

We supply ITO coated film in various types and forms to meet customers requirements

AR coated acrylic and polycarbonate sheet 

These products possess characteristics for a range of filter and optical applications
Hardcoated acrylic sheet

Scratch resistant silicone and inorganic coatings on coloured, tinted and clear acrylic sheet

Hardcoated polycarbonate sheet

Machined display windows with silicone hardcoated surfaces and antiglare options

ITO patterned glass and film

Photolithographic patterning of ITO coated glass and film to customers drawings 

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